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Email scams (continued)

We have previously written a blog piece warning of increased email scam activity and sophistication. Expect more. Another victim of these email scams has come to light, and this victim was a lawyer. An article in Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly told the story of a lawyer victim of a successful email scam. This blog post provides another warning against these scams.

In this story as told in Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly, the attorney, Carl Witmeyer from Ashland, Virginia was contacted by a person asking for help to collect a $840,700 debt. After Mr. Witmeyer received a signed retainer agreement and deposit, the supposed debtor sent “what appeared to be an official check” in the amount of $362,400.25 as partial payment for the debt. Mr. Witmeyer’s bookkeper deposited the check in his trust account. Mr. Witmeyer was authorized to keep 1/3 of the proceeds and was advised to wire the remaining 2/3 to his client’s agent. Needless to say, the counterfeit check bounced leaving Mr. Witneyer with a $160,114.95 overdraft.

If you receive any suspicious emails from anybody you do not know promising a large amount of money for a relatively small amount of work (especially in this economy), suspect the worst.

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