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What Should You Expect From Your Attorney?

I read a recent article in the ABA Journal that differentiated between the teaching of “issue spotting” versus “problem solving” in law schools. This article strikes at the core of the services we provide as attorneys. We believe firmly that although it is our responsibility to help identify potential issues that you may face, our legal advice is fully realized when we help you solve your problems.

By the time you come to an attorney, you already realize that you have an issue and that you want to accomplish a goal. Quite frankly, if you knew how to deal with the problem or achieve the goal, you would not spend time and money with an attorney. Therefore, your attorney’s major responsibility is help you figure out a strategy in order to meet your goal.
We want you to feel that when you leave our office or end our telephone conversation that you know more about your situation and that we are on our way to a solution. Of course it may take a few days for us to complete our research into the law and facts before we can fully answer your questions, but that is the nature of the law, especially when the goal is to problem solve. We can more easily identify the roadblocks you may face in reaching your goal, but that does not “move the ball” for you.
We offer our experience, knowledge, and compassion to accomplish your goals and keep you moving forward. Our objective is to enjoy a successful partnership where we are able to help you meet your goals. That is what you should expect from your attorney.

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