2 Minute Drill for 2011-02-09

February 9, 2011 on 3:55 pm | In General Interest, Weekly Tweets | No Comments

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Tarley Robinson February 2011 Newsletter

February 9, 2011 on 12:57 pm | In Common Interest Community, HOA, HOA litigation, John Tarley, Merger & Acquisition, Neal J. Robinson, Susan B. Tarley, Unit Owners Association, Weekly Tweets | No Comments

February Tarley Robinson Newsletter

Topics include a discussion of email scams. Also, we’re sure that you have already made your diet or exercise New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully you are still on track! For your homeowners association, here’s a simple, but effective and invaluable list of suggested New Year’s Resolutions.

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The 2-Minute Drill – Your (somewhat) Daily Legal Update

January 7, 2011 on 4:16 pm | In Weekly Tweets | No Comments

Tarley's compilation of articles he has been reading about the law

  1. Undefeated and 9-time world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather is being sued by the homeowners association governing his gated community. According to the lawsuit filed by HOA’s attorney, it seems that Floyd has been “threatening the life of a patrol officer, physically accosting a security officer, refusing to provide identity to gate officers.” Among other things, the HOA wants Floyd to stay in his car when he gets to the gate. Seems like good advice.
  2. Continuing with the sports theme, Newport News, Virginia native and former NFL quarterback Aaron Brooks has signed a deal with construction giant Armada Hoffler to develop the Southeast Community of Newport News. Newport News is trying to redevelop the Southeast Community and hopes are that the venture between Armada Hoffler and Brooks will succeed.
  3. Mediation is a good idea, and it’s an even better idea to do it early before extensive litigation expenses are incurred. Some confuse “arbitration” with “mediation” but in mediation, an independent third party mediator helps the parties negotiate a resolution. Just like in negotiations, you control the outcome: neither a mediator nor your attorney can negotiate a resolution without your authorization. A mediator helps facilitate the negotiation, but cannot make decisions or rulings on your case. On the other hand, arbitrations are like trials and arbitrators make decisions like judges.
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The 2-Minute Drill – Your (somewhat) daily legal update

January 5, 2011 on 6:16 pm | In Weekly Tweets | No Comments
The 2-Minute Drill

Today’s collection of notable legal stories we tracked.

  1. Ex-Texas Tech coach Mike Leach sued his former employer. But he does not believe that little fact is impacting his job search. Reality check here Mike, Maryland hired Randy Edsall whose team lost to Oklahoma by 48-20. In your last game against the Sooners, your team beat Oklahoma 41-13. Suing your former employer is usually a bad career move and it makes it less likely a new employer will take a chance on you.
  2. We represent a number of community associations, but not this one. A blind man, Tim Spencer, is fighting complaints and fines stemming from his guide dog’s barking. The Chicago condominium association where he lives has scheduled a hearing to resolve the $300 in fines. I do not know all the facts, but it does not take a legal genius to figure out that suing a blind man because his guard dog is barking is not going to look good.
  3. A Virginia judge assessed attorneys’ fees and costs against Westmoreland County officials for holding a closed meeting in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Ironically, the officials met secretly to discuss a contract with The O’Gara Group, many of whose employees and leaders are former CIA.
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The 2-Minute Drill – Your daily legal update

December 30, 2010 on 4:31 pm | In Weekly Tweets | No Comments

The 2-Minute Drill

1. Governor McDonnell takes Virginia attorneys’ money, still doesn’t fund vacant judge positions. York County will continue to be without a full-time judge.

2. Shocking. A bill has been proposed to limit car title lending interest rate to 36%. Think about it, that means the lending rate is regularly higher than that!

3. I think I’ll do a post on all the lawyer references in “True Grit.”  Some other day. In one scene, Rooster mentions reading Daniel’s treatise on Negotiable Instruments. I looked it up and found this link showing that Daniel may have been a Lynchburg, Va. attorney. How about that?

4. We represent many homeowners associations. Not this one, though. The HOA says inflatable Mickey Mouse is ok, but the “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign, no.

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